Safe and Secure Confidential Waste Destruction

Our Services

Wight Confidential Shredding is a confidential waste collection, shredding and recycling company for business and home. We can offer different options to suit your needs in assisting you in disposing of your confidential waste. We offer a competitive tariff that guarantees to be less costly than mainland shredding companies. The process is completely auditable from collection/delivery through to shredding. A certificate of destruction will be issued to confirm all documents are shredded. The shredded paper will then be taken off to the mainland for processing by paper recycling companies.

For a full quote or for any other queries please contact us.


Delivery and Collection

We will deliver and collect security bags from our customers offering a professional service


Secure Shredding

Our fully audited shredding service will offer complete satisfaction to meet requirements


Hard Drive Destruction

We also offer a hard drive destruction service to completely destroy all sensitive information


Cabinets and Bins

Lockable cabinets and wheelie bins for your offices


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Price Guarantee

Wight Confidential Shredding offers a competitive tariff that ‘guarantees’ to be less costly than using mainland shredding companies presently servicing on the Isle of Wight. For further information on the different services we offer please click on the options above.


Keeping confidential information confidential.

The most common way for your confidential information getting into the wrong hands is when it is not handled appropriately. With Wight Confidential Shredding, 100% of the paper is destroyed and recycled, safely and securely. 

* We also offer a ‘Top Secret’ service where documents will be processed through our two shredders twice at the additional fee of £0.20 per Kg.